Electrical Condition

EICR Landlord Certificates: Ensuring Electrical Safety in Your Property.

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is an essential examination of the current state of a property's electrical installation and fixed wiring. Its primary goal is to pinpoint any discrepancies against the national safety standard for electrical setups.

Conducted by a seasoned electrician or electrical contractor with extensive knowledge of electrical installations, an EICR follows the stringent guidelines of the current wiring regulations, BS7671:2008+A3:2015. As NICEIC approved contractors, we offer an NICEIC Electrical Installation Condition Report that's comprehensive and accurate.

The report entails meticulous tests on every circuit to ensure the existing safety mechanisms function optimally under fault conditions.

Electrical Condition
Electrical Condition
Electrical Condition
Electrical Condition

Electrical Condition Report

Duration of the EICR Test:
The time taken to execute an EICR depends on the size of the property. While smaller premises may require only a few hours, larger commercial or industrial sites can span days or even weeks.

When Should You Opt for an EICR Test?
Typically, the necessity for an EICR arises when:

  • Acquiring a new building.
  • Meeting an insurance mandate.

For detailed guidelines, please refer to the provided reference key.

What's Involved in the EICR Test?
A thorough EICR will detect potential issues before they escalate into significant hazards. The process encompasses:


Electrical Condition - Whats involved?

  1. Visual Examination: A preliminary survey of the electrical setup to spot any visible defects or discrepancies.

  2. Dead Testing: Involves continuity testing for any ill-connected conductors, insulation resistance testing to ensure the conductor's insulation is undamaged, and polarity checks to ensure connections follow the correct sequence.

  3. Live Testing: This includes earth fault loop impedance testing and RCD testing. Modern electrical systems frequently feature RCDs and RCBOs which respond to any circuit irregularities.

EICR Services St Albans
EICR Services St Albans

Upon testing conclusion, observations are documented and coded as C1, C2, or C3, based on the severity and type of the issue identified.

  • C1: Immediate danger detected; requires instant corrective measures.
  • C2: Potential danger spotted; urgent corrective action needed.
  • C3: Suggests safety enhancements, often indicating an older setup that adhered to previous regulations but can benefit from modern improvements.

Once the EICR is concluded, we'll discuss the findings, offer a comprehensive report, and provide an estimate for any required corrective actions.

How Much Does an EICR Test Cost?
The price is usually contingent on the number of circuits within the building to be assessed. The cost encompasses the testing process, a finalized EICR, and any remedial work notifications. Always ensure you opt for quality tests from an NICEIC-accredited entity, even if it comes at a slightly higher price. For a general pricing structure please contact us toady.We can connect, provide a qoute and schedule your EICR test promptly.

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