Electrical Installation Certificate Rickmansworth

Being a property owner and resident in Rickmansworth, you may already know how important an electrical safety certificate is here. In fact, holding an electrical installation certificate in Rickmansworth is a part of the legal requirements in the UK.

Also, while renting your property, being a landlord it is your responsibility to ensure your property meets the necessary standards for electrical safety. But do you know why it is so important? Let’s find out here.

Why a Rental Property in Rickmansworth Must Have an Electrical Safety Certificate?

In Rickmansworth, this safety certificate is also called the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). Obtaining this document is a legal requirement for a property owner to ensure the electrical safety of his property.

Yet, when it comes to a rental property, landlords also have a legal obligation to obtain this electrical installation certificate. This document must be issued by a professional electrician informing the overall condition of your property regarding electrical installation, including the potential dangers and fault findings. Also, this report outlines if there is any fixing required to carry out to ensure property safety.

Now, speaking of the importance of having an electrical safety certificate for a rental property, it is the tenants’ safety while living there. Faulty electrical connections can cause accidents, like fires, shocks or even fatalities. By obtaining this document, you can take action to keep your tenants safe from such serious mishaps.

What Should be the Electrical Safety Standards?

According to the Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020, landlords should check if their rental property meets the following electrical safety standards and requirements:

  • Safe electrical installations before the tenant enters and proper maintenance to ensure safe conditions during the tenancy
  • Contact qualified electricians for electrical installation inspections once in five years. The frequency can vary as per the recommendation of the professionals.
  • Fix the potential dangers if anything is identified during the inspection within a specific time frame suggested by electricians.
  • Provide your tenants with a copy of the electrical installation certificate within a month after the inspection.
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How to Obtain a Domestic Electrical Safety Certificate

To obtain the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), start by hiring a qualified electrician to carry out the inspection of your rental property. The professionals will examine electrical installation thoroughly to ensure your tenants’ safety.

Here is what the electrical installation inspection includes:

  • The electricians inspect the condition of the light fittings, fuse box, sockets and switches
  • Examine if the earthing of the electrical installations
  • Find faulty, damaged or broken electrical components
  • Measurement of circuit polarity and earth resistance

However, remember that electrical safety reports do not cover electrical appliances, like refrigerators, televisions etc. Being a landlord, you should ensure all your appliances are safe to use for your tenants. So, do a visual check more often and call electricians for testing if required.

But if you also want electrical safety testing for your appliances, like kitchen hobs, electrical ovens, home HVAC systems or hand dryers, consider PAT testing services.

Bottom Line

For landlords in Rickmansworth, it is necessary to obtain an electrical safety certificate to ensure their tenants’ safety. We, EICR LANDLORD CERTIFICATES LIMITED, offer Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) services in Rickmansworth. Also, we provide domestic electrical installation certificates in Northwood. Our experts have 5 years of experience providing everything from electrical inspection to PAT testing to safety and fire alarm certification.

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