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EICR, known as Electrical Installation Condition Report, is a legal requirement for property owners to assess the condition of the electrical system of their premises. After a complete inspection and testing, your EICR reports are issued, stating whether your premises need any remedial work to ensure your premises are safe for not just you but your tenants. And, how often you get the test done depends on the nature of your home, industrial, or commercial space.

However, speaking of EICR inspections and testing, make sure you hire a good and skilled local electrician nearby to carry out the process. And, if you aren’t sure how to find the best one, we are here with the answer! Read on.

Quick Tips to Find a Domestic Electrician Nearby for EICR

No matter where you live, in Pinner, Stanmore, St Albans or Harrow, you can find different kinds of electricians around. But, not everyone is equally trained and skilled to handle the EICR process! Yet, you need to choose the ones right for your needs. Let us tell you how:

#1: Rely on Word of Mouth-

The best way to find a good electrician around your area is to talk to your neighbours, friends and family for recommendations. Ask them if they have recently hired any electrician for EICR at their home. If they say yes, ask further questions, such as:

  • Did they efficiently inspect and test your electrical system?
  • Were you satisfied and happy with their work?
  • Are they reliable?

If their answers sound satisfying, get the details of that electrician and hire them. Hopefully, they will do a great job!

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#2: Look for Reviews-

Another classic way to hire a qualified domestic electrician nearby for EICR is by checking online review sites to ideate what the previous customers say about their services regarding EICR, including inspection and testing processes. Also, you can visit the websites of local electricians recommended by your friends, neighbours or families to check their client testimonials for an assessment.

However, make sure you consider all these with a grain of salt!

#3: Find out if They are Insured-

Usually, every electrician doesn’t carry insurance since every state doesn’t ask for that as mandatory. But if you choose an insured electrician for EICR, you don’t have to worry about the unwanted costs due to damage if it happens during the inspection or testing process to issue an EICR report.

#4: Ask Questions to The Electrician-

After following the three steps above, you can probably narrow down the top electricians in your area and make a list of them. Now, to ensure which one is best to carry out your EICR testing and inspection, asking the following questions to the electricians in person or over the phone may help you decide:

  • How long have you been in this industry?
  • Are you insured to provide electrical services for EICR?
  • Can I see samples of your recent work regarding EICR certification and reports?
  • Can you show the details of previous customers who hired you for EICR inspection and testing?
  • How long will it take for EICR testing, inspection and providing electrical safety certificates?
In a Nutshell

EICR certification is a must for property owners to ensure the electrical system of their premises is safe. And, to carry it out, you need a reliable, qualified and experienced electrician, where EICR LANDLORD CERTIFICATES LIMITED is a renowned name! We have the best electricians in Harrow, Pinner, St Albans and Stanmore, specialising in providing EICR certificates, PAT testing, inspection, reports, fire alarm testing and much more for not just homeowners but real estate agents and landlords.

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