Hey, have you recently moved to St Albans? Then, you may probably have heard that most homes are getting inspections for Electrical Installation Conditions Report now. You may wonder what it is or do you even need it! Let us tell you in detail.

What Is the Electrical Installation Conditions Report (EICR)?

Electrical Condition Report i.e. EICR or Electrical Safety Report, involves a thorough inspection and testing of the electrical devices of your property. After all, many electrical installations in your home are out of your sight, making it difficult to say whether it performs fine or is faulty. Only expert electricians can tell you if your property is electrically safe. Make sure you consider only professional EICR electricians in St Albans to get the job done.

Do You Actually Need EICR for Your Own Property?

Of course, it’s the first question to strike your mind when someone’s suggesting an electrical installation inspection to obtain EICR reports.

Well, that’s not mandatory! However, obtaining Electrical Installation Conditions Report in St Albans or around, like Wembley or Hemel Hempstead, is highly recommended these days, even if it’s not a legal requirement for homeowners. After all, it’s the best way to keep yourself, your family and your tenants safe from faulty electrical devices.

Still, if you are unsure whether your need an inspection for the electrical installations of your home and consider an expert opinion, look out for outdated electrical equipment as indications:

  • Removable fuses
  • Wooden back fuses
  • Fabric-coated, black rubber or lead electrical cabling
  • Mounted sockets in the skirting boards
  • Light fixtures with braided electrical flex
  • Black or brown switches
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In fact, you should also get an inspection of your electrical equipment, especially in case of tripping fuse boxes, flickering lights and malfunctioning sockets frequently. All these are the signs of faulty wiring, pointing to s YES that you should obtain Electrical Installation Condition Report services from a professional electrician.

What Do Electrical Installation Condition Reports Show?

Professional EICR electricians will provide an electrical safety report after an in-depth property inspection. It will state the overall condition of the electrical system, such as if any area is unsafe and needs improvement.

Now, all these observations come with specific codes, such as:

  • Code C1 standing for urgent action requirements due to the presence of danger
  • Code C2 denotes immediate action to rectify and solve the potential danger, especially when there is a life risk
  • Code C3 means a recommendation for electrical installation improvements, which you need to get done soon
Electrical Installation Inspection
How Often Should You Get EICR?

Once you determine to obtain EICR from a professional electrician, your next question is probably, “How Often Do I Need to Get It?” Although it’s not a legal requirement for property owners, EICR is recommended to obtain every five years, especially if you have any tenanted property. However, if the tenancy is changing, you need to get a date in between that for an electrical installation inspection.

On the contrary, you can obtain an EICR once every ten years for your home. But, while moving to a new home, you should schedule an inspection before settling down, like when renovating it. After all, you may not want to discover expensive electrical disputes later, right? Moreover, you can ensure your property is safe to live in.

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In Conclusion

Looking for an Electrical Installation Condition Report-EICR in St Albans, Ruislip, or Wembley? Count on us! At EICR LANDLORD CERTIFICATES LIMITED, we have qualified and experienced EICR electricians to offer EICR certificates, inspection, PAT testing and even fire alarm testing for homeowners, landlords and even real estate agents.

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