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Hey, are you planning to sell your home? If yes, you should obtain an electrical installation conditions report (EICR).

In the UK, including Harrow, Pinner and Stanmore, obtaining an electrical condition report is a legal requirement for homeowners while selling their homes. This document states the condition of electrical installation in your property to identify the potential defects and hazards so the remedial work can be done before the sale.

But if you wonder why, we will discuss it in today’s blog and provide a brief guide on what EICR is and how much it can cost.

What Is the Electrical Installation Conditions Report?

The Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a legal document confirming the condition and safety of the electrical installation of a property. Both residential and commercial property owners should obtain this from a qualified electrician.

However, when finding a local electrician near me, make sure the professional has specialised equipment and tools to conduct the test. The EICR test involves visual inspections of electrical systems, including accessories such as light fittings, sockets and switches.

Once the testing and inspection are over, the electricians provide a comprehensive report outlining the findings and recommendations for further steps to take if required, for example, repair faulty wires or replace faulty electrical accessories. Not only these, this detailed assessment report includes more:

  • Suitability of the fuse box
  • Electrical load testing, including checking the age, condition, type and general wear and tear of the wiring of your property
  • The condition of electrical fittings and their location

Also, the EICR ensures that your electrical system is compliant with the latest UK laws regarding electrical safety and meets the legal requirements.

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How Much Does Obtaining an EICR Cost?

When it comes to the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) costs, several factors influence the charges. For instance:

  • Age of electrical systems
  • Property size
  • Condition of electrical accessories
  • Legal Requirements
Why Do You Need an Electrical Conditions Report for Home Sale?

Selling your property with EICR certification is a good practice to ensure the safety of your buyers! On the contrary, having this electrical certificate is an advantage for you during a home sale because it attracts potential buyers since the EICR gives them confidence and peace of mind about safe electrical systems and installations in the property they are buying.

In fact, the selling process can be halted without this electrical condition report. Yet, obtaining this electrical certification not just makes your property attractive to buyers but eases the selling process. Based on the electrical condition installation report, the buyers can make an informed decision about the purchase.

Also, since the EICR contains valuable insights into the necessary remedial work recommended by professional electricians, you can carry out the repairs before putting your home for sale. Thus, you can avoid unexpected issues during the selling process.


We hope you will find our guide helpful. And if you are looking for local electricians near me in Harrow, Pinner or Stanmore to obtain an electrical condition report, count on us. At EICR LANDLORD CERTIFICATES LIMITED, we have a professional team of electricians specialising in testing and electrical certification services. We have a complete range of electrical safety certificates, PAT testing, emergency light testing, fire alarm testing and much more for property owners, landlords and real estate agents.

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